SMPOV - Version Changes History

"SMPOV - the LAN-Rendering sollution for POV-Ray."

Date Version Changes/Enhancements
22.05.2006 4.6/3

- RenderAgent completely rewritten.
- not yet completely ready, but should be faster then the old RenderAgent.
- Random Job-taking Algo (other Algos not yet ready).

Final 4.6 release soon.

03.05.2006 4.6/2

- Again new, more easy Installation.
- more new Icons
- Package cleaned up
- RenderAgent now suggest a folder, and remembers the folder properly.
- New Minimizer-Sollution, for working on the PC while it is used for Rendering. Minimizes, Hides and changes CPU-Priority.
- Should work with any POV 3.5/3.6 and Mega POV 1.21
- POV-Ray
3.7 does not work with this version, it seems to produce only TGA-Files, we need BMP's to merge them.
- Internal Optimizations, RenderAgent now takes Jobs faster.
- Installs Icons in Startmenü, Quickstart and on Desktop.
- Automatically uses POV_Settings.exe afer Installation.
- Silent-Setup-Robot included - will make the complete installation without user interaction.
This is just a pre-Release, which replaces the version 4..4.

Final 4.6 release soon.

23.03.2006 4.4/31

- Fixed a problem with finding POV-Ray-Executables.
- New Icons.
- Installer

02.05.2005 4.3/27

- Dennis Bollyn provided a new "preview-feature" to SMPOV 4.3. For Details see included Readme.txt ("Last Changes").
- You may now automatically start your own EXE Files while the rendering Process at several stages (synchronous, asynchronous etc.). See included "Example_Plugin.ini".

17.10.2004 4.2/26 - Added Support for ".pov"-Files with [$0A] instead of [$0D] [$0A] Lines. For example, POV-Files generated by" ChiefArchitect".
Before Distri 26, these files have been treated as a single Line and therefore the automatic switsch between Mega-/POVRAY did not work.
15.09.2004 4.2/25 - Added Support for MegaPOV 1.1
14.06.2004 4.1/24 - Support for POV 3.6
27.01.2004 4.0/23 - smpov-scripter-wr.exe has been changed to accept ".pov" and other files. You may copy ".pov"-files into the AUT-Folder, then they will be automatically added to the RenderQue with the current SMPOV-Settings (&deleted). Other then ".pov" or ".txt"-files will be moved to the "COM\INI"-Folder. The Scripting Interface is still beta, please report any problems.
22.01.2004 4.0/22

- New communication engine in both: RenderAgent and SMPOV-Main. Supports WAN Rendering via Folder-Share (Download) or other "Sync based networks".
- Scripting Interface enables you, to make SMPOV automatically render files that appear in the new AUT-Folder.
- POV-Settings.exe was not working properly since an earlier update and has been repaired.
- Increased Stability under several difficult circumstances.
- Some new controls for Logging, Sleep-Times etc.

13.01.2004 3.7/21

- RenderAgent, improved exclusive File reservation. This is necessary for future inclusion of "high latency clients" for example via VPN or with limitations using programms like Folder-Share (Download).

11.01.2004 12:25 3.7/20

- Timeout-Error-Detection was not yet adjusted to the newer, faster Routines. Therefore it was possible on some systems that Renderjobs have been ended "by error" even if they were normally running. This is currently fixed by just disabling the timeout-errors. There will be a better sollution later.

10.01.2004 12:18 3.7/19

- Changes in Render-Que code. If two processes have been ready in just the same second, accessing a shared component failed and a Entry has been left in the Listbox (Render-Que).
- Some finetuning, decreasing CPU-Usage for large tile numbers.

- Some changes in Textoutput.

09.01.2004 16:07 3.7/18

- Drag'n Drop now also possible when there are already Files in the Render-Que
- all known bugs removed therefore version number is increased to 3.7, though Render-Que is still subject of testing.

09.01.2004 10:07 3.6/17

- reduced harddisk-acces for SMPOV-Main
- changes in RenderAgent for less CPU utilisation while beeing overloaded

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